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:: Thursday, January 23, 2003 ::
Rumsfeld puts foot in his mouth, yet again. (revised link; YahooNews doesn't keep them permanent)
:: Jason 10:45:00 AM [+] ::

:: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 ::
Somehow I missed this version of Bush's State of the Union Address. :)
:: Jason 2:22:00 PM [+] ::

Here's a humorous short film parody of LOTR featuring Humphrey Bogart, Orson Welles and Peter Lorrie (as a perfect Gollum!). Another wonderful example of the kind of creativity we can enjoy when allowed to build upon the past without dispution or restriction.

p.s. it's a rather large file, so be patient and use broadband.
:: Jason 11:57:00 AM [+] ::

The Village Voice reports a Pew poll finding that 42 percent of Americans believe that President Bush has made the case for war—down from 52 percent in September.
:: Jason 1:11:00 AM [+] ::

This page has some amazing videos of Dance Dance Revolution, the trendy arcade music game, played by geeks who get perfect scores at the hardest levels. Check them out for crazy Japanese fun. p.s. Download, don't stream.
:: Jason 12:54:00 AM [+] ::

Here's an entire blog devoted to Jesus Freaks who want us to ban SUVs in favor of more fuel efficient cars. For once, I completely agree.
:: Jason 12:37:00 AM [+] ::

A week or so ago, the Supreme Court ruled against us in the Eldred Case. Along with the Samuelson Clinic, I worked on a brief in support of Eldred on behalf of the Internet Archive.

As part of the aftermath, many people are doing a number of creative things to express the various emotions of loss, i.e. range, anguish, determination. Here's a nice one I saw recently courtesy of Lessig's Blog:

:: Jason 12:32:00 AM [+] ::

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