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:: Friday, March 14, 2003 ::

The Real Pirates

Ok, I had to post this. News.com is carrying a story about the MPAA and Microsoft going to the DOJ to complain about organized crime mobs reselling their IP. This is real piracy, which I am 100% against. If the content industry spent their time and money on these folks rather than on suing their own customers, I think we might actually get somewhere in this debate.
:: Jason 10:58:00 AM [+] ::

Woah.. so I just got hit with this nasty flu that's been going around. Totally took me out for a day. You never realize how hard you're working until you're forced to take a day off. Anyway, I'm knee-deep in emails and work to catch up on, so I probably won't post much until next week. Also, Tara and I are off to Anza Borego state park this weekend in hopes of spotting some wild flowers!
:: Jason 10:52:00 AM [+] ::

:: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 ::

Freedom is just another word for.... taters?

Ok. Maybe I gave Savage Steve Holland too much credit for his wonderfully satyrical bit in Better Off Dead where John Cusack's mom cooks an international dinner for their foreign exchange student, but apparently the U.S. Congress didn't get the joke.

Our fearless leaders have now gone ahead and changed "French Fries" and "French Toast" to "Freedom Fries" and "Freedom Toast" on the House cafeterria menu. Oh yeah, that'll put the fear of God into the French. As if their entire national cullinary reputation stands on the merit of deep frying starch products.

My favorite part is the reaction from the French Embassy: "The French Embassy in Washington had no immediate comment, except to say that french fries actually come from Belgium."

I wonder if the MPAA will start giving PG-13 ratings to films where teens Freedom Kiss.

:: Jason 3:41:00 PM [+] ::

George Bush, Sr. Against War Without U.N. Support

Look's like W ain't Daddy's boy on this one. George H.W. Bush gave a speech at Tufts University the other day warning his son that if the U.S. goes to war against Iraq without U.N. support, it could destroy any hope of peace in the Middle East. He also encouraged his son to mend the rifts he has created with England, German, France, and Russia.
:: Jason 8:58:00 AM [+] ::

McDonalds to offer WiFi Access

And I thought I'd seen it all. Yahoo News reports that McDonalds will soon be offering Wi-Fi access in its restaurants to customers who buy combo meals. Looks like WiFi has finally hit the cusp of the adoption curve.
:: Jason 8:34:00 AM [+] ::

:: Monday, March 10, 2003 ::

Dow Chemical Sues Toxic Waste Victims for Protesting Headquarters

Greenpeace reports that Dow Chemical is suing 200 Indian women for protesting at its headquarters in India by returning toxic waste it had left untreated in their community:

On December 2nd a peaceful march of 200 women survivors from Bhopal delivered toxic waste from the abandoned Carbide factory back to Dow's Indian headquarters in Bombay with the demand that Dow take responsibility for the disaster and clean up the site. Dow obviously has other ideas because they are suing survivors for about US$10,000 for "loss of work". That's US$10,000 compensation demanded for a two hour peaceful protest where only one Dow employee briefly ventured out of the Mumbai corporate business park to meet the women protestors.
:: Jason 9:49:00 AM [+] ::

U.S. News Readers Turning "Old Europe" for Unbiased War News

A UK journalism website is reporting that European news websites are receiving a dramatic increase in U.S. readership as more and more Americans seek unbiased information on the War with Iraq. The article notes that recent U.S. scandals, such as the NSA email re: snooping on the UN Security Counsel, have gone unreported or underreported in the U.S. media, leading many U.S. news consumers to seek information on these events elsewhere.

Note: None of these countries have a First Amendment. The Press there can be and has been regulated or censored by govenment on numerous occasions. I find it especially ironic that our news reporting agencies have been less agressive in reporting the War given that their activities are guaranteed constitutional protection.

:: Jason 9:25:00 AM [+] ::

Valenti on Morality: The Remix

It was just a matter of time. Someone has remixed Jack Valenti's speech at Duke on the immorality of file swapping. It's a pretty decent job and has some very funny moments where the truth of Valenti's intent could not be any clearer.

Of course, if the speech had been released on DVD, making this mix would likely have violated the DMCA civil and criminal provisions and cost the remixer up to $250,000 and 5 years in jail.

:: Jason 9:13:00 AM [+] ::

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