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:: Wednesday, June 04, 2003 ::

Digital Animation of the SARS Virus

Cool Quicktime Anime of the SARS CoronaVirus. Nasty stuff.

:: Jason 10:22:00 PM [+] ::

Anti-Rape Shock Jacket Available for Women

Speaking of non-lethal weaponry, MIT and Advance Research Apparel have just come out with a No-Contact Jacket for women. The jacket contains an electrical network that can be activated by women if they feel threatened or find themselves walking through a dangerous area. If an attacker grabs them -- BAM! -- 80,000 volts. Unlike other self-defense devices (e.g. pepper spray, mace, sharp knives, keys), this one can't be taken away from the user and used against them. it will be interesting to see if things like this catch on.
:: Jason 10:11:00 PM [+] ::

Non-Lethal Police Weaponry

So this is another big rant-arena for me. Why do police use guns that kill people? I've never understood this. There seems to me only two justifications: (1) Self-defense and (2) To subdue particularly tough criminals, e.g. drug-crazed assailants.

Yet from what I've read, 99% of police captures do not require use of lethal force. Rather, many are achieved through communication and negotiation; others through non-lethal force. There is no reason for cops to use guns, especially when guns can kill folks.

For example, incredible advances have been made in the use of tasers, tranquilizers, and other non-lethal weaponry. Many of these devices can be used to subdue criminals and protect officers. Even if the criminals have guns of their own (which only a small percentage actually do), patrol officers do not need to return the fire with guns of their own if their goal is to subdue (as opposed to the criminal intent to kill).

Reducing the need for cops to carry guns will not only save citizen lives but could also save officer lives, since apprehension situations will likely de-escalate.
:: Jason 5:57:00 PM [+] ::

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