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:: Wednesday, July 30, 2003 ::

Me On KQED's Forum

I was on KQED's forum this morning (calling in from St. Louis, where I'm defending a deposition tomorrow). The topic was Online Music Piracy. Check here to listen, as long as they keep the link up (.rm, btw).

Being on the radio was an interesting experience. I've done media before, but never in a debate/call-in talk show format. I think my points were well-taken, but I'm not sure that I was able to place my comments exactly where I wanted them. There were four guests, so airtime was scarce, but I think the others were a bit better at adapting their themes to fit the questions of the host. For example, the RIAA guy and the Berman guy both basically answered every question with "it's stealing/it's theft/it's like shoplifting" which is, of course, their refrain. Our refrain is "look -- we can solve this problem if we just make file sharing legal and pay artists." But because the questions ranged from "Is file sharing legal" to "What about Apple's iTunes music store?" it was hard to both formulate an answer AND establish the theme on the fly. I suppose over time it will become easier.

Update: Lisa Rein has archived the KQED show in .aiff and .mp3 formats, so feel free to check it out here as well.

Further Update: Lisa has officially blogged the KQED show.

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