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:: Wednesday, October 01, 2003 ::

Headin' out of the Country

Tara is finally back from her cross-country trip to visit her folks and so ends our three months apart. It's been pretty hard on me. You know what they say about men suffering more during separations than women? It's totally true, at least from my perspective. I suppose I should have written more about it here but EFF and the new house and everything have been taking up so much of my energy and psychic time! In any case, all is well again. We leave on Sunday for Ha noi, Vietnam via Hong Kong. Our good friends Chip & Tracy loaned us their supremo-mondo backpacks (they took them around the world for six months recently) and Dad just tracked down a Vietnam simcard for the GSM, so we're pretty much set. Doubt I'll blog much from the trip, but who knows. If not, check back mid-November for new news.

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